It is a crossover game between Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5. Daisuke Kaneda The P5 cast returns to reality last, with Goro Akechi reluctant to leave, indicating that he is still the traitor and did not want to return to his old self. Upon returning, Doe grants them a key to unlock one of the four locks on the theater's front gate. Enlil reveals that Hikari was only one of the souls trapped, and those of many others suffer the same fate. Though the Cinema seems deserted, the party quickly notices that a strange, black creature is in the projection room. Nagi is the curator of the Cinema, and claims all of her customers aside from Hikari suddenly vanished. Wondering at her sudden silence, she explains that she feels like she's finally home, and that she's been waiting to see them for a long time.

It is revealed that the movies in the Cinema are an Akashic Record of negative thoughts flowing from the projectors at the depths to the Cinemas, in which Enlil believes that having them watch such movies can relieve the pain of living.

Atsushi Kitajoh Though unlike them, he had no intent of demeaning his daughter.

Close. Archived. 3 and 4 are both playable on PS2 and PS Vita. *MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. The quote at the start of the game is "We do not go astray because we do not know, but because we think we know" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I'd recommend playing Persona 3, 4, and 5 before Persona Q or Persona Q2, though. Posted by 7 months ago.

Unfortunately, they soon find that Haru and Makoto were left behind. They also find locks on the front doors, barring their escape. © ATLUS. Japan Game Information The credits roll with Nagi watching alone, with the movie's true name revealed as "Hikari" and "To Be Continued" shown afterwards. Finishing the battle with an All-Out Attack not only gives an experience bonus, but also raises the chances of finding rare materials from slain enemies. The party enters the depths of the labyrinth, which in sharp contrast from the cheerful-looking upper levels, appears as a monochrome and sinister flowerbed with the flowers having hollow eyes and tearing blood, symbolizing its owner's desire for self-destruction as an end to her pain, and the viewing of her life as torture. P4 hero and Nanako Dojima cook food for the Investigation Team, who soon arrive at the Dojima Residence. She proclaims that the party's hope is completely pointless and states that they are foolish for opposing her.

The story begins after the P5 hero wakes up from a dream where a blue butterfly shows him a quote projected on a theater screen during a nap in class at Shujin Academy. ペルソナQ2 ニュー シネマ ラビリンス During battle, certain characters can initiate a Unison attack, similar to a mechanic in Persona 4 Golden where certain characters can perform a follow up attack after an All-Out Attack. It is thus possible to trigger multiple All-Out Attacks in quick succession if all party members repeatedly hit the enemies' weaknesses. She also believes that humanity is weak and needs her protection. The main theme and opening for the game is Road Less Taken. After completing A.I.G.I.S, Doe supposedly kidnaps Hikari, causing panic in the Cinema, and both are confirmed to be inside the fourth movie. Any chance you have a QR code for Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Kirby Planet Robobot. Doe calms down after he's defeated, and the reality of Hikari's breakdown is made clear; when her father asked "why do you have to be like that", he was only asking after her wellbeing, and her breakdown was nothing more than her misinterpreting his words. *To enjoy the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS software, you must experience it from the system itself. This can refer to any of the following events in the game: The P3P heroine encountering what seems to be her SEES comrades in. As soon as they reach the first of them, they encounter a younger version of Hikari being tormented by a copy of her teacher, followed by the real Hikari appearing. To make matters worse, a large Shadow resembling an obese man in a superhero chicken costume appears and pursues them, forcing them to escape via a movie screen into a Cinema. Because of her belief and trust in the people who helped her regain her memories and saved her life, Hikari is able to bring the party back.

The party now accompanies her to travel the Labyrinth, as the truth of this reality unravels; the movies are actually cognitive worlds created from Hikari's heart. Doe appears in the center clearing. Skills are no longer forcibly upgraded to their stronger (but more expensive) version, allowing for greater customizability of a main Persona's build. See retailer for details. The sequel to the beloved dungeon crawler, Persona Q2, arrives on Nintendo 3DS™. The combined traumas in the form of repeated emotional abuse has consumed Hikari with extreme depression, self-loathing and grief.

The music selected for said theme is an instrumental version of "Cinematic Tale.". It does not talk and does not interact with them, standing completely still. He expresses a desire to keep her forever in the Cinema to end all of her pain, which she denies. After the negative films are replaced, the party and Hikari confront Enlil and send a calling card to her.

They find a woman in white, who introduces herself as Nagi, and a shy schoolgirl named Hikari. Hikari steps in with a new skill to aid them, using her support to remove binds from party members and they defeat the rampaging Doe.

She tearfully repents for her erroneous perception towards her father and Doe transforms into the key required to remove the last lock along with her invitation letter. When its body is touched, it bounces. They repeat the messages of individuality being useless, everyone doing the same thing means it cannot be wrong, and authority is justice. Hikari expresses a will to escape the Cinema and Nagi, despite being upset, approves. hide. She wants to give P5 hero her notebook as a memento, but he returns it to her as it was her most precious memory, and without it, her movie will never be complete. Welcome to the ultimate Persona experience. He was the only one who provided unconditional support and inspired her dream of becoming a movie director, so she decided to create a movie and send an invitation letter for her father to watch her creation.

Hikari breaking down due to a belief that her father hated her, simply because of a question identical to one that each of her tormentors asked. She meets her father in the living room. The navigators tell Hikari to leave, but she ignores the warnings and steps in to confront Enlil alone. While exploring Mementos, the Mona-bus suddenly veers out of control, and sends the Thieves into a movie screen initiating a countdown. Every Persona user and Hikari now automatically recognize themselves as the Phantom Thieves and executes the plan to replace the four projectors, defeating the projections of Kamoshidaman, Yosukesaurus, Mother Computer and Doe in the process. The people trapped in the Cinemas in Enlil's realm believe that they cannot get out due to their depression and apathy, despite Enlil allowing them to leave at any time. She expresses the desire to continue production of the movie she created before she fell into depression with full approval by her father. In complete bewilderment, Enlil is left defenseless as all four protagonists unleash a unison attack. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But she soon brushes this off, and eagerly agrees to watch the movie with them. The purified movies display Kamoshidaman expressing a desire to protect the weak, the Herbivore Dinosaurs and Yosukesaurus begin respecting each other's opinions, Ribbon teaches a group of robots with personality to love flowers, and the high school copy of Hikari makes Doe vanish by expressing the will to escape the Cinema and for her father to watch her movie. Persona 3's female protagonist is the first to join. NEW CINEMA LABYRINTH is either a registered trademark or trademark of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates. Each movie revolves around a moral centered on discarding individuality and becoming one with others.

This thread is archived. The rest express the same desire, and they all agree to attend together. I have Kirby planet robobot and I will post in a couple of minutes thanks for letting me know :), When I try to install the QR code on fbi, an error saying it failed to install appear, Update: nevermind I didn’t have enough space, I think it would benefit more people if you poster qr-codes on r/3dspiracy, Do you happen to have kid Icarus uprising and/ or donkey Kong country returns, Yes I have both I will post in abt 20 mins.

She also claims that weak humans should accept her salvation plan, which comes in the form of drawing in depressed people into the Cinemas within her domain. While Sub-Personas retain their six skill slots, main Personas now also have six skill slots which are populated by skills they inherently learn.

The skills gained by a main Persona's transformation are stronger versions of their inherent unique skill, and there is no skill slot reserved for the Persona's evolution. They enter Mementos and drive the Mona-bus to explore it while beating Shadows in the proces… The party enters the movie reality to save Hikari from Doe. All of this comes to a standstill after an incident related to her relatives. Unlike in Persona 5 where Shadows appear like their Persona counterparts, they appear as Arcana Shadows in this game. Persona Q2 CIA QR Code for use with FBI. Enlil views Hikari's actions as a betrayal and is further enraged, causing her to reveal her true form, an angelic, eagle-like god. Thanks a lot for sharing it! Genre Whether or not he remembers anything is left ambiguous. They are locked in the theater just like the Thieves and cannot leave. Akira Akemine However, as they open its gates, they find that they are inside a twisted landscape, with Nagi dropping her guise, transforming into a malicious-looking version of herself with red hair. The character groups that can perform these attacks are: The game has a theme that arches between P3, P4 and P5, namely death, truth and identity. Instead, each group joins the Phantom Thieves after finding them in a specific Labyrinth. Atlus (JP)Deep Silver (EU) Velvet Room attendants from other timelines—Elizabeth, Margaret, and Theodore—join Caroline and Justine in assisting the party. What seems to be Nagi reveals herself to be Enlil, a god created from humanity's desire to end all of their pain. Persona Q2 CIA QR Code for use with FBI.